Backstory: a few days ago one of my classmates from high school posted this on her Twitter:

So I figured, why not? I'll enter. I'm 600 miles away so there's no way I'd attend if I won, but if I do win, I can just give the tickets to my friend.

Well I had a nice little surprise in my inbox when I got home tonight.
You’ve one [sic] (4) Renaissance Festival Tickets through the Lawrence Journal-World! They will go out in Friday’s mail to the address you submitted.
Whoa! I never win anything! At first I thought I had just won 1 ticket (little homophone confusion there on the part of LJ World). For you Nashville folks who don't know what the Renaissance Festival is, it's an annual event in Kansas City, a fall tradition spanning more than 30 years. I've personally never attended, but I hear it's pretty cool. And the prize (4 adult tickets) is worth $71.80! Wow, I had no idea. So after a little 600-mile detour to my mailbox, I'll be sending them back to Kansas to someone who I'm sure will very much enjoy a weekend with her friends.

Even though I'm not actually going, it felt really cool to win and be able to give the tickets away. I thought I'd play on my odds and fill out a Kroger survey on my receipt and enter to win a $500 Kroger gift card. That'd be sweet and would buy my groceries for 5 months! haha. I went grocery shopping after work and came out more than $10 under my budget. Sweet.

Also, Tazo chai concentrate (like $6.10 each normally) is on sale at Target this week for $3.29! It's soooo good. They use concentrate for chai at coffeeshops, so it's like getting 6-8 cups of chai for the same price you'd pay for just one at a Starbucks. Can't beat that.

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