playing house.

Scheduled closing date: Oct. 27
(16 days away!)

click picture for larger/higher quality view

"How did you do that?"
- Check out this website: http://www.smallblueprinter.com/

"Why does everything look so disproportionate?"
- Because I'm an amateur and was designing from memory. You can see in the pictures that I was too generous on room sizes.

"What are those colored blobs?"
- Simply, the furniture, cabinets, and closets in each room. See list:

- refrigerator
- stove
- washer/dryer

Dining Room
- table and chairs

Living Room
- side table
- love seat
- coffee table
- recliner
- floor lamp

Bedroom 1
- bed
- side table
- dresser
- short bookshelf

- shower
- toilet
- sink

Bedroom 2
- art table
- floor lamp
- tall bookshelf
- futon


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