the last four days.

I am closing on my house in ONE week. 170 hours from now I will be a homeowner. The process has been a bit easier than expected, but holy cow, I've been stressing the last couple of days. (My excuse for not blogging.) Here's what's been going on:

- Sunday. Despite not getting out of bed until 8:20, I made it to Sunday School on time, then church. In the afternoon I watched the Titans get destroyed by the Patriots. I shut the game off at halftime and washed my car. It really needed it. Finished picking up the house and bought a candle to make the downstairs smell better. Kate returned from Michigan and we watched The Proposal.

- Monday. Monday was fun. Andrea came downtown and we went to lunch at the Copper Kettle. It was good to see her. I'm not a big fan of eating out because the $7.50 I paid for my meal (a porkchop and veggies) could have made my lunch for more than a week, but it was still fun. Everyone was giving me a hard time because they claim one of the workers was "checking me out" but I don't know what they're talking about. I never saw him. They said I should have gotten his number. Pah-lease. If he was really interested, he would have asked for mine! ;)

- Tuesday. I felt like my head was going to explode on Tuesday. It seemed like everyone decided to stand outside my office and talk loudly and clean out closets all day, and I was also trying to figure out how to get a cashier's check, for how much, and when I could open a bank account here. When I got home, I crashed at 5pm and woke up at 9pm to shower and then went back to bed.

- Wednesday. When I got to work, some packets of unclaimed trail mix were found and were given to me: "Let's feed the poor soon-to-be-homeowner." That's right. Then Jeff shared his homemade beef and vegetable soup and cornbread with me at lunch because he doesn't think I should be eating my homemade rice and bean burritos every day. It's like he thinks all I eat is rice and beans! Not true, and when they only cost me 43 cents each to make, why not? They're cheap, filling, and have lots of protein. I even splurged and added some cheese this time. Calcium.

Pretty busy calendar the next couple of weeks. One thing I need: a handyman. Anyone know of a handyman in Nashville who's good and reasonably-priced? I need two deadbolt locks and one dryer vent installed. I think I could do the locks myself, but I'm lacking the tools. Let me know!

Oh yeah, I'm planning on getting a kitten (probably in the spring). Hopefully a gray or black one. I was trying to think of a name, maybe something biblical, like Meshach. Something unique. One of my friends said, "How about God? That's biblical." I've decided on Cricket. :)

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