I discovered blogging.

Today is Columbus Day, a federally-recognized holiday. While the post offices and banks were closed, I went to work. I'm not complaining; I like going to work. In fact, a lot of people went to work today, and some didn't. No matter what they did with their day, a lot of them don't really think there should even be a Columbus Day.

No one has one nice thing to say about the guy. Their slams are pretty funny, though.
(via Twitter):

Happy Columbus Day: the day when Columbus discovered that America was already discovered...

On this date in 1492, Columbus sailed over on the Mayflower to invent Protestantism and teach Indians to burn witches. Thanks, Columbus!

Happy Columbus Day to people who like days named after morons. He missed his mark by 5,000 miles! Not even the right hemisphere!

Columbus Day
. How about I break in your house and discover it as my own.

I can't think of anything more arrogant or obnoxious than this nation's insistence on observing 'Columbus Day'

Hmmm... Columbus day? Should I celebrate by spreading disease, and taking credit for stuff people actually did hundreds of years before me?

Oh, hey, it's Columbus Day. Is this the most pointless holiday? Google didn't even do a holiday logo for it.

sucks. Went looking for money, found none, killed or sold 100,000 Indians, & died still thinking "America" was India.

In honor of Columbus Day I'm making flags & planting them in my neighbor's yards 2 let em know its my land now

In honor of Columbus Day, I plan to discover something, and then give it smallpox.

A few things I've discovered myself recently:

- Nashville never gets old. I love it.
A couple of shots from Saturday: 3rd Ave S & McGavock, the foot of the Shelby Street Bridge; and the back of a building at Commerce & 9th Ave N.

- Owl City music. Someone had mentioned it on a Tweet, and I looked them up. Wow. My head nearly exploded with the awesomeness of their lyrics. Seriously, I would love to be able to write catchy, rhyming, clever lyrics. And put it to music? Brilliant. It's just really fun and puts me in a good mood. When I get my house and get my stereo from Kansas, you betcha Owl City will be playing often and loudly.

- I am the youngest person
in the publishing department at LifeWay. At least I've been here the shortest amount of time. I'd bet I'm the youngest full-time employee, maybe in the entire building. (We had a publishing meeting today where we stood in line by number of years worked. I stood next to a lady who has been there 40.5 years!)

- Moving is easy when you don't have a lot of stuff. Probably a no-brainer. I moved to a new office today. I didn't know what to do with myself while the movers moved my stuff. Fortunately it was at 11:30, so I went and had lunch and then sat in Jeff's office and imagined what it would be like to work in an office with a window. I might be distracted by the movement outside at first, but I think the sunshine would be good for me overall. Plus I'm always bummed when it's raining and I can't watch it.

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