This is Seven Seas Casserole. It's a quick and easy comfort food. When I was little, I ate it with ketchup. I made it tonight because all I have in my cabinets right now is cereal and oatmeal and ... rice, tuna, cream of mushroom (substituted for cream of celery) and peas.

They are predicting snow tonight/tomorrow, so I know better than to go to the store and fight the Kroger crazies with their milk sandwiches. I'm taking a 1/2 day tomorrow. The last Friday I took a 1/2 day (Jan. 8), it "snowed" and most people "worked from home." I'm not sure if people will do that tomorrow, but I always kind of enjoy vacation days more if there are actually still people at work.

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  1. I'll be in the office today (Like last Friday). It should be somewhat productive since I think I'll have most of the floor to myself! ;-)


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