so much for optimism.

I went to the dentist today.

Used my 1/2 day of vacation because I figured, "Why not?"

Back in September when I was choosing a dental plan, I picked the cheaper one. It covers basic cleanings and the occasional X-ray. Not fillings, but I was feeling optimistic. I haven't had a cavity in like 15 years. I'm not a child. I know how to brush my teeth. I don't eat a lot of sugar.

I'm going back February 1.

For a filling. (albeit a small one)

And now I get to pay.
I'd like to buy round-trip plane tickets to KC, but that amount has now been allotted elsewhere.

Ah, this stuff always gets me. I can deal with a broken down car because it just happens, but a cavity? Totally preventable, so it's my fault I'm forking out my travel money for this. Ergh.

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