end of the week.


Friday. My calendar is clear, but don't let that deceive you; I am very busy today.

I spent most of the day pulling Bible stories from archived curriculum. Everything before 2006 was done in Quark and I discovered I am very glad we use Adobe InCopy & InDesign CS4. Very glad. I'm hoping my days of pulling stuff from archives are almost done. It's not horrible; it's just very frustrating when stuff is missing. I am dreaming of the day when everything will be on a server and have XML tags so I can search and find what I need in seconds. It will be quite beautiful, really.

When I left work, it was so nice outside. Mid-50s. Making me excited for spring. Considered driving down to Brentwood to run (haha, yes, I usually drive to the "safe" part of town to run) but I ended up working out at home. Afterward I'm sitting in shorts reading a book when Miles (who isn't a great jumper) decides he wants up in my lap. Before I can put my hands down, he's got his claws in my knee and thigh and is pulling himself up. Owww! Drew blood and added to the mosaic of scabs he's been creating on my legs. No bueno mi gato.

Taking it easy tonight. Reading Francis Chan's Forgotten God. Almost finished. Might do a little cooking. This week wore me out. I think I'll be calling it an early night.

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