we can sail across the sea.

This is Kevin Michael McKeehan, also known as tobyMac. Also known as the next interview I get to do for our magazine. He's been making music since before I was born; he started DC Talk in 1987 and for the last several years has been working on his solo career. His latest single, "City on Our Knees" is featured in his new album, Tonight, scheduled for release next month. He's from Franklin, so I'm crossing my fingers for an in-person interview; though I'm sure talking to him on the phone would be really cool, too.

Pretty excited to be adding his name to my list of awesome musicians I've seen/interacted with since moving to Nashville:

Brandon Heath

Leeland Mooring (Leeland)

John Cooper (Skillet)

Alexis Slifer and Cammie Hall (The Rubyz)

Noah Hayden and David Horner (Mission Six)

Paige Armstrong

Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)

Phil Stacey

Steven Curtis Chapman

Jars of Clay

John Waller 

Mat Kearney (@BNA)
Definitely awesome to meet people who are "kind of a big deal" but also awesome to see how God is using normal people in big ways through music ministry.



  1. Oh my gosh. I LOVE TobyMac! Very exciting!!!

  2. Hello,
    My name is V. Rose. I am a huge Toby Mac Fan so I came to read your article and I love your blog!
    I am a musician as well. You can download my New single for free at FREEVMUSIC.com if you want. keep up the kingdom work.


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