between the woods and frozen lake.

I really wasn't in the mood to go to Kroger tonight. It's pretty stinkin' cold outside and sometimes I just don't want to buy anything. But I went. To pick up (among other things) band-aids to cover the flesh wounds I've acquired as a consequence result of Miles' juvenile manners (namely, using my leg as a climbing post). It was crowded.

Kroger sent me some coupons for $5 off $30, so I'm trying to find $30 of groceries and I'm having a hard time. I've learned a thing or two since living alone: don't buy anything that you can't freeze or keep on the shelf for several weeks. I can't eat it fast enough. My refrigerator remains mostly empty--leftovers (most of which I'll throw out because I can't eat them all within a week), jelly, eggs (occasionally; again, can't use them quick enough), grape juice (2 of 5 bottles I bought real cheap, expire in March. But I just can't get over the fact that it tastes like communion so I don't drink it often).

For being crowded, people were really nice. I was picking out some Sprite zero (love some diet Coke but don't love the teeth stains) and this woman randomly says, "Do you get shocked when you shop?" She reached up from her cart and touched the shelf, the static electricity jumped. "Haha, I am today, but not usually." She said, "I haven't been out of the house since Thursday! It's just nice to see another human being!" I smiled. I kept going. Now I wish I would have stopped, asked her if she lived alone, how she was doing. She seemed really nice. The checker and bagger were in especially good moods, too.

We're expected to get snow on Thursday. The radio on my way to work this morning said 6-8 inches. I'm not sure I believe that. It sure is cold. The floodlights outside above my kitchen door have stopped working. It's scary-dark at 6 a.m. on the side of my house, so I go out my front door in the morning and leave the porch light on all day. I can't imagine both floodlights would just stop at the same time; I'm wondering if there's not something wrong with the switch. It doesn't sound right when I flip it. Boo.

Miles has been earning more privileges. Since he's proven he can use his litter box, I'm not locking him in the kitchen at night or during the day anymore. He slept in my bed all night; I woke up at 2 and carried him to his litter box, but he didn't need it. I don't like that he keeps jumping up on my counters. I eat standing up because he gets in the way. I tried eating oatmeal at breakfast and as soon as I was done, he was in my bowl. Literally--his paws had oatmeal stuck to the bottom. Of course he walked all over everything before licking them clean.

Yesterday Andrea came by to see Miles. He had just eaten so he was very sweet and sleepy. He also got a clean bill of health when I took him to the vet. He's good to go until Jan. 2011. Miles was sweet at the vet; he purred the entire time. When Miles is happy, he kneads his paws (what the vet called "making biscuits"). Usually he does it on my lap, with his claws out. Tiny needles. Ouch.

Click here for a video of Miles in all his cuteness: http://tinyurl.com/miles010510

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  1. Eggs don't go bad at the expiration date. You will know without a doubt if they are bad (the smell)!
    Also, Ashley who is in Africa learned that in order to keep eggs without a refrigerator you turn them over every day to keep the eggs from settling and going bad.


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