cat's cradle.

Have you ever seen one of these sling things? I guess you can carry babies in them, or small dogs. I think Miles would like it. When I got home from work, he was happy to see me and then I fed him some wet food. About 30 minutes later he sits at my feet and just keeps meowing. "What do you want?! I already fed you!" (Having a cat often reinforces the fact that I'm not ready for a child.) Eventually, I just picked him up and carried him around the house for awhile. He just sat there, purring and happy as a clam.

Of course, I can't get anything else done when I have a cat in my arms, and that's where the sling idea came from. Not really planning on getting one because he'd probably hate it, and I have a lot of others things I want to buy when my $8,000 from the government comes in. Of course, I plan on putting that money toward my mortgage, but they pay interest on it for how long it took to get to you, and that's what I'll spend for myself.

Side note: Miles loves playing the the bathtub (when it's empty, of course). Unfortunately I've discovered that he's put some holes in my shower curtain. A couple of days ago, I was taking a shower and all of a sudden ... whoops, Miles joined me and was quickly scrambling to get out. Curiosity for the win.

Today I started back up my Make My Day list. I made one for 2009, and even though it was a positive habit, I hadn't planned on doing it again. But I guess some people (Jeff) like reading it, and I know it's cool to be able to look back at the little things that made my year in '09. Anyway, there's a link in the sidebar beneath Sweet Places.

Currently reading: Forgotten God by Francis Chan, and working through Genesis & 1 Chronicles. I'm excited about going to Kairos tomorrow. I missed last week; and as much as I enjoy First Baptist, you really can't beat some quality contemporary worship with people your own age.

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