meet miles.

Miles likes crawling behind my washer and dryer.
When I first picked Miles up, he was still pretty drugged from his surgery. He didn't make a sound on the way home. Just sat in the carrier backward and bobbed his head around. Kind of hilarious.

This kid purred the first hour he was home. He walks on the floors with his claws spread and jumps at any sound.

He had to explore everything. I finally closed the doors to my bedrooms and bathroom so he exploration area was a bit more limited.

He's really cuter than this picture (above) shows -- his eyes aren't all weird in real life :) I just have bad lighting and the flash washed it out. He curled up with me for a little bit, but it didn't last long -- he was up and looking around again.

I think the phrase I've been saying most to him since I've been home is, "Ow, Ow! Please don't climb up my leg with your claws!" The door to my kitchen closes so I'm going to leave him in their at night while he gets used to using his litterbox. Hopefully he'll sleep well. He ought to be worn out after all of today's excitement.


  1. What a lucky kitty to have you!

  2. Sooo,
    I feel good about this! : )


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