Hindsight: Maybe should have bought a snow shovel, even if I only need it once a year.

This picture doesn't do the depth of snow justice. I've heard that we got 7 inches. I went out and unburied my car this morning, though with only my dustpan, I didn't even try clearing the driveway. I did clear a path on the sidewalk so I can get to my car. I'm not planning on leaving my house at all today. I've got Miles snuggled up in my bed, some hot chocolate, books, and old episodes of Law & Order. People have been posting updates and pictures on Twitter and it sounds like/looks like the interstates are still pretty bad.

To the snow He says, "Fall on the earth" … So that all men he has made 
may know His work, he stops every man from his labor. (Job 37:6-7)

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