It rained again last night. This morning I went out to my car to survey the damage in my trunk. On the surface, it didn't look too bad. The carpet/cover was kind of damp; the items in my trunk were damp. An old favorite pair of running shoes were a total loss (wet and extremely stinky). After taking everything out, I pulled out the carpet/cover. Water poured off of it and I slung it over the fence.

My spare tire was completely submerged. I know some kids dream of having swimming pools in the backs of their cars, but this surely can't be good for your gas mileage. I unscrewed the spare and pulled it out. Fortunately there was a plug in the bottom. I popped it out, and all the water drained onto my driveway. It was sprinkling and there is still a small chance of rain today, so I carried the carpet pieces into my shed and laid them out to dry. (My backyard is a muddy mess of weeds and moss. Note to self: buy grass seed.)

I'm guessing the problem is with my weatherstrip/seal being old, and possibly starting to come off in a couple of places. Now to figure out 1) Can I fix this myself? 2) If not, who can and how much will it cost?

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