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on indexing activity books:
Can't believe I got it done in one day (well, almost done). Surely there is a computer program that will do what I'm doing.

on work:
Need to read February asap. I think I'm behind on it. Also need to finish the first read of Spring '11. Due next week. I'm taking a 1/2 day on Friday. Not really vacation though.

on Miles:
3am. Miles decided to climb the lamp. I woke up in time to save it from crashing off the nightstand. Miles fell and landed ... on my face. Back claw in my lip. Deep cut and moderate amounts of blood. Also, significant pain.

on travel:
I miss Jenn. I want to hop on a plane for KC. What's stopping me?

on insurance and doctor visits:
Decided to just get everything taken care of in January. I'm real close to meeting my $500 deductible already  (bleh); at least the rest of the year will be easy on me.

on the current weather:
Too cold. I'm ready for spring. My yard needs a lot of work.

on Kairos:
I like meeting up with Paige once a week to hear Mike Glenn bringin' the Word. The I-only-know-1-or-2-people-here-out-of-1500-or-so thing can make it feel a little overwhelming, but sometimes the anonymity is good.

on the new Apple iPad:
(from Twitter) "Steve, I'ma let you finish, but Moses had the greatest tablet announcement of all time."

on music:
I was sooo bummed when imeem got sucked into myspace. But I've recently discovered lala.com. You can stream full-length songs and even create playlists. So far it seems very similar to imeem. I think it's Apple-owned. I like it.

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  1. funny story about Miles! Not good about the bleeding lip though. And I'm glad you like lala! I haven't experimented much though my whole iTunes collection that is available is now synced with it. I haven't been anywhere to use it besides home, where it seems pointless. But I start a new job in a couple weeks and I look forward to trying it out!


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