bargain shopper.

This afternoon Jeff tipped me off that the Kroger in Brentwood was tripling their coupons because Harris Teeter was tripling theirs. I have had a collection of coupons I've been saving to make a Kroger trip this week, so finding out that Kroger would triple coupons up to $0.99 gave me a little bit of an adrenaline rush, I'm not gonna lie. Here are the results of today's shopping mission.

The Brentwood Kroger was out of Kleenex and juice, so I went to the Kroger on Elysian Fields to do the Mega 10 Event Sale. Also I stopped at Target in Brentwood. Something I've learned since being here: shop in shadier parts of town. Because the Target in Antioch has the same items for cheaper than Brentwood, and the Kroger in Madison is cheaper than Hendersonville. I almost listed out each individual bargain, but the receipts were confusing. Take my word that a lot of these things were just a few cents.

Kroger 1
Charmin TP – 4 large rolls   
2 rolls Bounty paper towels
Puffs tissue - single box  
Healthy Choice dinner (FREE with coupon)
Hot Pockets  
Krusteaz Crumb Cake Mix
Ziploc freezer bags  
Crest toothpaste (FREE with coupon)  
Betty Crocker cookie mix
Blueberry waffle mix  
Suave pro shampoo
Campbells cream of mushroom (2 cans)
Betty Crocker frosting  
Ensure nutrition drink (FREE with coupon)
Secret deodorant  
Suave pro conditioner

Total: $11.38
Mfg Cpn Savings: $11.20
Bonus Cpn Savings: $8.90
Kroger Plus Savings: $7.80
Total Savings: 27.90 (74 percent)

Kroger 2
2 boxes Tuna Helper
1 box Hamburger Helper
3 boxes Kleenex tissue
2 Welch's grape juice
2 Welch's white grace juice
2 cans Carnation lowfat condensed milk
2 packages Keebler cookies

Total: $17.04
Mfg Cpn Savings: $7.00
Bonus Cpn Savings $1.00
Kroger Plus Savings: $18.10
Total Savings: $26.10 (63 percent)

KROGER: Could have spent $82.42
Spent: $28.42 (86% savings)

(Every single item I bought at Kroger had a coupon, and some were also on sale.)

3 pk. Extra gum
2 pk. Trident Layers gum
2 Chex cereals
4 Kelloggs cereals
Swiffer Wet Jet starter kit
Charmin TP - 16 mega rolls

Total: $49.65
-$25 gift card from my coworkers
OOP: $24.65 (earned $5 Target card = $19.65)

- 7 bananas (FREE) - Funny story. I was unloading groceries and found these bananas. I'm pretty sure they belonged to the person who checked out in front of me at the Kroger in Brentwood. Oops.
- Pampered Chef small bowls and caddy (FREE) - Won at the LifeWay Crafts Fair
- Popcorn Factory seasoning set and popcorn ($0.98) - I used a gift card I've had since last Christmas. I love popcorn so I think this should be great.


  1. So where do you get your coupons? I've started using a few coupons here and there, but I don't know where to get very many. Congrats on all the exciting changes in your life these days!

  2. My mom clips coupons for me and mails them :) (From the Sunday papers). I also sometimes print coupons from online. The trick is pairing coupons with sales at places that double or triple the coupons.

  3. There used to be a coupon exchange board with pockets full of coupons outside the Coop office in the basement of the courthouse. Your mom's in the courthouse all the time for her job--ask her to check it out for you! I've found that the coupons in the Sunday paper here frequently conincide with items for sale the same week at the local stores. Maybe someone at work who gets the paper but doesn't bother with the coupons would save them for you?

  4. Good idea. I found out I can buy the Sunday paper at the dollar store for $1.


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