free of charge.

Pulled 54 archived activities today. From nearly 50 CDs. I got stuck on preschool (couldn't find any of the 70+ CDs I'm still lacking) so I decided to get a head start on children. Those CDs are mostly accounted for. Hopefully I'll make a lot of progress tomorrow before the holiday.

Trudy gave me the name of her mechanic, so I finally decided to take my car in. Off and on, the front right wheel has been making a squeaking or rubbing noise. The thought of paying several hundred dollars for more car repairs made me cringe, but considering I'm driving about 3,300 miles over the next month, the last thing I want is to have a wheel fall off at 70 mph. So I took it in, hoping it was nothing major. They drove it around to hear the noise and asked if it had been happening off and on. They took both front wheels off and everything looked good (hooray), except the front right tire was loose when they took it off so they think maybe that was causing the noise. They tightened it for me and sent me on my way.

No charge.

Gotta love that. Looks like I've found myself a new mechanic.

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