woop boop de coop

I myself find it quite comical that I have a chicken coop in my backyard, and am even slightly disappointed that I'm not zoned to have chickens. Think about it, I could have all the fresh eggs I need and [if someone else did the killing and cutting up] plenty of meat! But I can't, so I will use it as a shed.

My bike in stall #1. If this green movement ever catches on and people stop driving cars,
I'll be living it up with my 5-bike "garage."

Some of the stalls. I really like this!

The storage area behind the stalls. It's so huge! And there are fluorescent lights
on the ceiling hooked up to an extension cord ... but as far as I can tell, you'd have to
run that all the way up to the house for electricity.

My "new" refrigerator! Katy and her husband and their two friends
brought it over today. The guys had to take the doors off to get it through
the door frame, but then they moved the handle to the right side for me. It's perfect!

Katy's husband killed the first wasp that came inside.
After they left, though, this sucker sneaked in.
I wacked him with that broom a few times so he couldn't fly and then
doused him in all-purpose cleaner. I've learned cleaners are very effective at
killing/strongly inhibiting insects and spiders.

This is the last weekend I'll probably actually be living in my Cedarmont house.
[In college I lived in a house with Matt and Tim which was nicknamed the 
ATM (Alyssa, Tim, Matt) so I've unofficially nicknamed this house the ARK. (Alyssa, Rachel, Kate). 
At least that's what I named it under my GPS favorites.)] 
So I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

I'm tired! I think a nap may be in order. I'm pretty much caught up on immediate house stuff. I did notice I only have one smoke detector, in my hallway -- none in the kitchen or bedrooms. Those are easy to install so I'll be getting some extras. I have a few other things to do like hang a towel rack and toilet paper holder, replace the lock thing on my shed... all of which require tools I do not have. My mom and Mark are bringing me some next weekend though. And I get to see my brother because Cornell is playing Alabama for their first basketball game, so we are driving down to watch.

The more time I spend over at my house, the more excited I am about it! My little-old-lady neighbor Margaret came and talked to me today when I was working on my bike brakes. Margaret always waves at me when I drive by or walk down the driveway to get my mail. She's constantly looking out her window at my house. It's nice to know someone is watching out for me!

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  1. Should we bring you a fly swatter or some wasp spray?
    Mom and Mark


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