sightings in music city.

My sister, Erica, flew into Nashville this morning. She called me when she got off the plane and said, "Guess who is in front of me!" I had no idea who she was talking about and she said, "You know him." She wouldn't say his name loud enough for me to hear since he was walking right in front of her. At first I thought maybe someone we knew from Kansas had flown in, but I asked, "Is he famous?" When she was coming down the escalator to the baggage claim, I immediately recognized the guy in front of her:

Mr. Mat Kearney himself. Hat, guitar, and skinny jeans.

After a quick lunch, we headed to Gaylord Opryland hotel to check out the gardens and Christmas decorations. It was really cool!

There are more pictures up on my Facebook page.

Then we drove up to Madison so I could buy some cereal bowls (on sale at Old Time Pottery for 99 cents each). Then we headed to Rivergate Mall before heading back to Nashville to drive through downtown. Tonight we made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and are hanging out at the house. Tomorrow we'll go to church, walk around downtown and walk across Shelby Street Bridge and then go to Centennial Park. I'm dragging Erica into work with me early on Monday and then she'll have a few hours to roam Nashville solo while I work. She flies out Monday evening.

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