the little things.

On Sunday I sprayed around my house for bugs, so I keep finding them around the baseboards where they have crawled out and died. Creeps me out, but I'd rather see dead ones than have live ones I can't see. I've run across several crickets and bugs I can't identify, but no spiders. Thank goodness for no spiders. Here's the bug I couldn't identify (see picture). It's like a cricket with the legs the shape of a grasshopper's and length of a spider's and the underside of a beetle and the markings of a zebra with the spontaneity of a frog. This is the third one I've killed. I'm pretty sure we don't have them in Kansas. I've Googled it (of course) and it seems to be a Camel Cricket (aka Cave Cricket). They like dark, damp places (like caves) and can freak out when weather changes (like 70 to 50?). It must be too dry in Kansas for camel crickets. They are harmless, but they are scary looking so they are not welcome in my house!

My dining room table and chairs have arrived. I ordered them online and they shipped to Wal-Mart for free. Wally World gets a D for customer service today. I went back to the Site to Store area and the credit card keypad said "Press for Assistance" so I pushed the button, and it said it was notifying someone. Then it said "an associate is on their [sic] way." After a few minutes, it cleared. I kept looking up and making eye contact with WM employees when they walked by to see if they were there to help, and no one stopped and asked if I needed help. Nope, just thought I would hang around here in the back of the store. Taking a break from my day. I pressed the button again and after a bit heard the intercom paging someone to Site to Store. Finally someone came and found a guy to lift the box into my car. And there it sits. 110 pounds, assembly required. And there my box will continue to sit until I get some help because I'm pretty sure I am incapable of lifting more than 90% of my bodyweight. :)

Update: My awesome real estate agent, Tiffany, brought her husband over to lift my box. If it wasn't 9 p.m., I'd tackle this project because I'm finding it hard to believe a table and four chairs will emerge from this. But it's past my bedtime and I think if I stayed up, I'd regret it around, say ... 5 a.m.

I'm coming across little things I am lacking and making a list: hot pot holders, colander, bowls (my current "bowls" are really dessert dishes -- very small) ... If I can survive another month without it, I'll put it on my Christmas list.

For my long weekend after Thanksgiving, I am officially going to Biloxi, MS. I booked a hotel room for two nights and am very excited to see my friend Clarissa. And also the ocean. I didn't think I would see the ocean this year. Considering Nashville is 4 hours closer to the ocean than Kansas, I'm hoping to make a trip to the coast at least once a year. It's an 8-hour drive to Biloxi, but since I'm not going back to Kansas for the holiday, I thought this would be a nice mini-vacation. Plus it's been too long (3 months!) since I've seen any of my close friends. It's about time I got a hug.

I've discovered my living room walls are not so beige, like I thought. At night when I turn on the lights inside, it's obvious they are a light shade of green. I like this. Kind of a light celery. I'm still very lacking in decor, but pictures, lamps, and even an area rug are not quite at the top of my priority list when there are things like smoke detectors (my house only has one).

Tonight I did a little cooking. Made up some more burritos for lunches. I know, I know. I complain about how boring and monotonous eating rice and beans are, but 1) They are cheap, and 2) They are filling. One of these little guys packs about 260 calories which is at least as much as a PB&J, and sandwiches always leave me feeling disappointed. I need some new lunch ideas. I also boiled some eggs.

There are lots of little things to get done around the house. I'm sure this is only the start of years of "little things." I'm constantly making lists: things I need, things to do now, things to do later, people to stay in touch with, places to go, appointments to make.

Work is going well. I'm learning a lot and loving what I do. Tomorrow we have chapel. That's always something to look forward to. I think we should start every workday singing some praises to Jesus!


  1. 1. cereal. i munch on dry cereal & drink milk. without it, i would be very sad. and coffee. the staples of my diet. and bananas. ooo i found a killer banana bread (muffin) recipe. let me know, i'll hook you up.
    2. Do you work with Beth Moore? ....wow i hope so. no way.
    3. i'm harmless, but scary looking...am i welcome in your house?

  2. :) Aw Staci!
    3. You are beautiful and you are always welcome in my house!
    2. No, I don't work with Beth Moore :) If I ever see her though I'll try to take a picture.
    1. I'll take you up on your banana bread muffin recipe as soon as I get myself some muffin tins.

  3. I like how "bed bugs" and "local exterminator" ads suddenly popped up on your site!

  4. Bugs are certtainly different in different parts of the country, and in different parts of the world. Here in PA we have stink bugs--kind of remind me of the squash bugs we used to get on our garden zucchini in KS. They stink if you squash them. Amber has some really good bug stories from Japan! Their centipedes were 3-4 inches long, and they have huge spiders there.

  5. I'm VERY glad I don't have huge spiders! (Or any spiders, so far) I did have a big bug this morning on my wall. I whacked it with my broom and it hit the floor and disappeared! Scary -- pulled out the recliner and there it was. Finished it off with the shop vac. Nothing like a little hunt-and-kill to get the blood pumping at 5:30am.


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