moving in.

Well, it's 8 p.m. on Sunday night and I'm sitting down for the first time since ... Thursday night. And only because I'm forcing myself to take a break to update the blog.

I'm all moved into my house! I got to take a half day off on Friday, which meant going home at 10:30 a.m., which worked out well because I had time to get moved out of my Cedarmont house and get everything put up and a little cleaning done before my mom and Mark arrived with the Budget truck and all my stuff. We unloaded the truck in less than 20 minutes to get it back to the Budget place before it closed. (Actually, it was closed, but the hours on the website were wrong and the guy was still there and agreed to take the truck.)

Friday night was spent moving in the loveseat and recliner, putting my bed together, and then I washed all the dishes that had been in boxes (with dead bugs) while Mark put up all my blinds!

Saturday morning we left early for Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I had never been to Alabama before. My brother's team (Cornell) played Alabama. Dr. Rainer is a big Alabama fan (for football at least ... I don't know how he feels about basketball). Alabama started out with the first basket, but Cornell answered with 5 points and stayed ahead the rest of the game -- leading by as much as 15 at the beginning of the 2nd half before Alabama came within 1 with a couple of minutes left. Cornell finished it out for the win: 71-67.

After the game we took Geoff out to eat at Olive Garden and then drove him to Montgomery where the team was staying before flying out early this morning.

Today I made an early Walmart run to buy kitchen utensils so we could make pancakes. I'm starting a list of things I need and prioritizing what I can get now, later, and even later. It's working out nice to move in right before Christmas so I can have a little help with getting the essentials. Mark also installed my bathroom hardware (towel rack, TP holder) and fixed my funhouse mirror so I look normal in it. :)

After lunch I took Mom and Mark downtown to Centennial Park. It was 71 degrees today and the park was a popular place. We also parked at LifeWay and walked down Broadway and back before I dropped them off at the airport to catch a flight back to KC.

A very busy and very productive weekend! I'm loving my house. Hopefully my table and chairs will get here this week so I can put it together. Next weekend my sister is visiting, and then the Friday after Thanksgiving I am planning on driving down to Biloxi, MS to visit my friend Clarissa. She came to Nashville three months ago on her way back to Nebraska from Florida. I'm definitely excited about seeing her.

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  1. Hey Alyssa,
    We made it back with no problems, even got into the airport 15 minutes early. We had a great time with you this weekend. Enjoy your own bed tonight!


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