biloxi. days 2 and 3.

I'm back in Nashville. But here's what I did this weekend in Biloxi. (I'll add more pictures later)

- Woke up and went to the beach. It was a little chilly. Returned Friday's Redbox movie. Tried contacting Clarissa. Picked her up at 10 a.m. (She slept in.) :)
- Went to this donut place called Tatonut. They use potato flour in their donuts. 
- We drove by the beach, then went to Gulfport. Saw the Friendship Oak -- a tree more than 500 years old and really enormous.
- Explored Gulfport
- Went to the LifeWay store and did some shopping.
- Saw a matinee, The Blind Side. Excellent movie. I'd highly recommend it.
- Did a little shopping.
- Went to dinner at a Mexican place. It was good.
- Got another free Redbox. This time, Bride Wars. Clarissa had seen it; I hadn't. I fell asleep after 20 minutes. I don't feel bad because it was free.

The Friendship Oak - More than 500 years old. Survived Katrina.

- Picked Clarissa up and we went to church. They had a "singing Christmas tree" set up. I've heard of these, but never actually seen one. It was gigantic and had tiers where a choir could stand in it. The sermon was good (Matt. 5:5-8).
- After church, went to the beach. It was 70 degrees and we stood in our pants and long-sleeved shirts and let our faces soak up the sun.
- Drove Clarissa back to base and got a quick tour. At noon, started the drive home.
- I heard on the news this was one of the (if not the) busiest days of the year for traveling. I definitely experienced that. The interstates were packed. I didn't have to worry about getting sleepy while I drove; my body was so tense the whole time. The speed limit was 70; everyone in the left lane was going 85, and everyone in the right was going 65. There were a couple of accidents that slowed things way down. It was frustrating; the drive was brutal.

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  1. Alyssa, a suggestion for those long drives. I used to listen to books on tape or CD when I made long drives alone. I'm told that if I was Ipod or Zune friendly, I could load them on there and do the same. I found I needed to listen to a different genre than I read for relaxation (didn't want to get sleepy!), and I turned them off when navigating city traffic or complicated highway interchanges. But for those long stretches of interstate, they made the miles fly by!!


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