End of the week. I feel like my mind is buzzing with 1,309 "wreckless ambitions" -- things I'd like to do in the short-term and long-term. A bucket-list of sorts with the hope that the end isn't really the end and knowing that everything on my list is super lame compared to heaven.

These things include but are by no means limited to:
Winter 2009-10 - learn about gardening and plan for spring; make house a home
Spring 2010 - personal curriculum plan, also find someone to mentor/disciple me
Summer 2010 - take some vacation (finally) and see friends; try new things
Fall 2010 - finish organizing collection and self-publish my chronicles of year 1 in Music City

Thoughts on this week's events.
Today: Nashville drivers are starting to get to me. I really need to work on my patience behind the wheel. I catch myself "talking" to other cars as if they can actually hear me.  If your lane is ending, speed up and merge. I don't understand why everyone is so clingy with that right side white line. The interstates come to a stand-still and I at first always expected to find a big wreck, but nope. People are just doing a bad job merging.

Nov. 5: Stopped for gas on the way to work. The gas pumps were tagged with graffiti, and just when I was almost done, this big brown dog runs across Nolensville and straight at me and I'm thinking, What am I going to do if this dog starts attacking me? I freeze and it sniffs around my car and circles it and I slowly slip into my driver's seat and shut the door. Nothing like a little "scared for my life" to start the day. 

Nov. 4: I got my dryer vent and deadbolt lock installed. This guy said he'd be there at 4:30 and didn't make it until 5:30. The job took two hours. I was tired and hungry (combination for cranky) after standing in my house for three hours where there are no chairs and there's nothing to do. He asked me, "Are you always this quiet?" If I had a dollar for every time... 

Nov. 3: A writer decided to ignore instruction and write without a template. Why? Maybe because she thought I'd have fun styling all the devos manually. GRRRRrrrace and peace. Got to talk to Jenn tonight. She's engaged! Wonderful. :)

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