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Today was a busy day. I think I was only in my office for two and a half hours, mostly between 6:30-9:00 a.m.
Big meeting on book ideas and then this afternoon I did an interview with Cammie Hall and Alexis Slifer of The Rubyz. They'll be featured in an upcoming issue of Bible Express along with Mission Six, who I am interviewing on Thursday.

At 2:00 we went to a baby shower for Rebecca who is having a little girl in December. While she opened gifts, Trudy told us at her table--in great detail--about her experiences using cloth diapers with her own kids. Siiiick.

4 more days until the Cornell v. Alabama game. We're driving down to Tuscaloosa to watch since my brother plays for Cornell. (He's a senior.) I wonder if Dr. Rainer is as much of an Alabama basketball fan as he is Alabama football. Might have to give him a hard time if Cornell beats 'em. ;)

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  1. You drove through Huntsville and didn't say HI???!!! Did you at least say to yourself...the Guevel's live there now??? ha ha. Hope you had a great time. I get to Nashville often and picked up Jenny there last week. She even said....Alyssa lives here.... We wished we could afford tickets to the CMA's.


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