day 2.

Erica and I went to First Baptist this morning where she got to meet some of my Sunday School class (we were small in number today). They also had the handbells playing during the service and they were really neat. After church it was really cloudy and cold, so we didn't walk around downtown like planned. We drove through Centennial Park and stopped so Erica could see the Parthenon. Then we drove through Hillsboro Village and back home.

For lunch we went to Applebees. My dad had given me a gift card after I bought my house and we split a rack of ribs and some fries. Then I had a coupon for $5 off $25, so I "splurged" and got a diet Pepsi (I always just get water) and then we got dessert. Our bill came to $26, so it was just enough to use the coupon. We were so full that all we had for dinner was some popcorn.

Went back up to Madison today to get some small rugs to put under my furniture because we discovered the metal/wood frames beneath the recliners have great potential to scratch my wood floors. We got small rugs that are hidden by the furniture and also a small rug for the kitchen door. I got four cloth place mats, but I apparently have a really small table because they don't all fit without overlapping, so I'm just putting out two at a time unless I happen to ever have three guests over; then we'll just have overlapping place mats.

The cashier at Old Time Pottery in Madison was hilarious. The lady in front of us had a rug without a price tag. The cashier said, "You don't know the price? How much would you pay for this?" The lady said, "I don't know; if it's more than $15, I don't want it." The cashier flipped through a booklet of barcodes, found one, and said, "How does $11.99 sound?" And that's what she sold the rug for. She asked Erica and I if we were twins. We told her "triplets," and then she said, "How old are you, like 21?" Good guess. There was a lady at JCP yesterday who thought we were in high school. Two people today told us we had the same smile.

On our way back home from Madison it was getting dark so we drove by Opryland again and saw all the lights on at the hotel. It was pretty neat; I especially loved the trees with all the individual branches covered in lights. Then when we were trying to figure out how to get back onto the interstate, we saw a rainbow!

We called my brother to get on the Internet and look up a promo code for Redbox, so we could rent a free movie. We got UP (for $0). I wanted to see The Blind Side at the theater but my sister has plans to see it with her husband when she gets back. Maybe that's something I can do with my friend in Mississippi next weekend.

It's 8 p.m. and Erica is already asleep. This weekend has flown by, but we've been keeping pretty busy and seeing lots of things. I think I'm about ready for bed myself.

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  1. She can't answer her husband's phone calls when she's sleeping...I called at 8:01.


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