metro skies and country air.

Snapped this picture on my way out the door for work this morning. Another reason I enjoy the end of Daylight Saving Time. 5:45 a.m. is beautiful!

Today was the annual Crafts Fair at work. I didn't have any need (or money) for fancy jewelry, cutesy cupcakes, or Christmas decorations, so I just looked around and signed up for a door prize.

And I won a door prize! A Pampered Chef small bowl and caddy set! I'm sure it will look very cute in my new house. :)

I took my team over to see my house yesterday afternoon. Yesterday evening I contacted this electrician guy who said he could install my dryer vent and deadbolt. He said he'd call me back with a time he can do it. Hopefully it'll be soon. I do need to run the deadbolt I bought back to Lowe's and exchange it for one that matches my doorknob hardware. Oops! I just hadn't paid attention and figured "gray is gray," but it's not and I don't want my door to look mismatched.

I'm kind of at a stand-still on things to do with my house. My mom is coming in 10 days with all my furniture which is really exciting. I should sit down and decide what the essentials are and make a budget for buying house stuff. I also don't want to buy something and find it somewhere else for cheaper, so I want to use my evenings the rest of the week to go "price shopping" at a few places and then maybe on Sunday actually buy things like floor rugs and a kitchen table and chairs and decor stuff.

Still trying to make a decision about painting. Maybe I'll wait a few months on that. I want to do a sage green color in the kitchen, and maybe in the bathroom. So my to-do list is nothing pressing, just "think about this and make a decision," which might wear me out more than a list full of things to do immediately because I'm kind of indecisive. I'm really excited about the next month though and getting to make my house a home. Right now I'm planning on my second bedroom being a second bedroom/creative space: a twin bed, art table, and a sun-shiney place I escape to create.

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