a special treat.

Update from the archives: 154 activities pulled. Which is just a small dent in my list. I've been working on both preschool and children, though, and once I get into the office with all the WKS I need, I'll make great strides. I had 41 done by 8:30 am, simply because I had the CDs I needed. Hunting them down takes forever. Pulling the feathers out and cooking them is the easy part.

This morning Cheryl took Jessica and I down to Mike's Ice Cream Fountain for a Thanksgiving treat. (We walked; it was sunny and we burned some calories.) :) I got a Swiss White Chocolate hot chocolate. Pretty much tasted like I was drinking a candy bar. They had lots of ice creams and coffees; I'll have to go back down there when I'm craving some mint chocolate chip. There was a guy there who was [there's no better way of putting it] harassing the customers. Mostly dropping cheesy pick-up lines, one after another. Pretty annoying.

Being the day before a holiday, we got to leave work early! It was good timing because I ran out of things to do with the CDs. I came home and took a nap. A lights-out, 2-hour, I-feel-like-I've-been-hit-by-a-truck, is-it-a.m.-or-p.m.?-nap. There's got to be some kind of scientific explanation why we sometimes sleep much harder more quickly than other times. It's not like I stayed up late last night or anything.

I'll probably get my things packed up tomorrow morning for Mississippi. I'm planning on leaving between 5 and 6 on Friday morning because 1) I want to avoid driving in the early evening darkness as much as possible and 2) More time with Clarissa. I'm coming back on Sunday after noon, so nearly half of my drive will be in the dark. Ick.

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