breathing room.

Today felt weird. This morning Cheryl brought me the pages of the Winter CD-ROM. I positioned it on the corner of my desk and checked my Google Tasks to see where it fit on the deadline list. 

What? This is top priority and it isn't even due for a week? And this mountain of papers behind me is in queue for the recycle bin or file cabinet instead of breathing down the back of my neck? Are you for real?!

I finished reading it, took a break to walk the stairs, and had time to start preparing for interviews with Chris Tomlin and Addison Road. I usually ask about 10 questions in an interview, and I want to choose carefully. They have to be open-ended enough to get them talking and give me a lot to work with, but I want them to be unique.

I wonder if artists ever get annoyed when everyone asks them the same questions. I guess it would make the interview easy because you'd know exactly what to say, but I wonder if they think, Sheesh, didn't you do your research? There are articles all over the Internet explaining why I abandoned my dreams of being a paleontologist to tour with a band!

So I do my research ... other articles, video interviews, radio interviews ... trying to find a fresh edge. Not that there's a ton of pressure when your audience is 5th and 6th graders, but their parents probably read it too. But I want to be proud of my work, so I still give it my best.

Tomorrow: TOMS shoes, pepper plants, and why I love Fridays.

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