I've started my garden. I have strawberries, 12 bell pepper plants, 4 mounds of zucchini, and hopefully this weekend I will plant tomatoes. I've been out there most evenings pulling weeds. It's hard to imagine anything will grow from these little 3" plants.

My garden is just 7' by 10'. Maybe in years to come I'll expand and plant lots of different kinds of vegetables (except for corn which I don't eat due to its lack of nutritional value, or herbs because I really just don't know what to do with them). Today at work Katy and I agreed that we probably will never grow flowers because you can't eat them. Sure, they are nice to look at ... I did plant six perennials along my fence: small golden yellow flowers. Maybe I'll do sunflowers next year in honor of my Kansas roots. I could at least figure out how to keep the seeds.

I'm starting C.J. Mahaney's Living the Cross Centered Life. I've heard really great things about this book, but I have a pile of half-read books already and another pile of new books I also want to read. Hoping to get back into the habit of reading ... reading makes me tired and Miles hasn't been letting me sleep well. Plus it's tough when I spend all day reading at work!

On another note, how did it take me 22 years to discover Free Cell? It's like Solitaire on steroids. I'm getting hooked ... probably another habit I need to give up so I have time to read! :)

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  1. Pass books my way when you are done with them? - I am interested in reading a few after you've screened them and tell whether they are any good or not.


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