I have pepper plants!
These guys took more than a week to sprout; they were making me a little nervous. There are two peat pellets in the middle that produced nothing, but I think there's a good chance I simply missed them when I was planting the seeds.

Hey, you try planting 2-3 seeds in each of 36 pellets while trying to keep a cat from jumping into the whole thing. It's not easy!

So I have 34 pellets of pepper plants that are sitting in my room soaking up the sun for a couple more weeks. I'm supposed to cut back the weaker sprouts in each pellet which is really sad, I think.

Andrea was on spring break this week so she came up to work and we went out to lunch. Jessica, Cheryl, Trudy, Jackie, Andrea, and I went to Jason's Deli. It was my first Jason's Deli experience. I got a turkey wrap (hold the sprouts and guacamole) with steamed veggies. I don't eat out much, probably because the entire time I'm thinking how I could make the same $7 meal for less than $2 at home, and still have leftovers for the rest of the week's lunches! Anyway, it was fun.
This afternoon I talked with Jenny Simmons, from the band Addison Road. She was really nice. The majority of artists I interview are guys, so this was a nice change. And she talked a lot which gives me a lot to work with. Jenny had a lot of really great things to say and even though I know a 450-word article will mean leaving a lot of it out, I'm still really excited about writing it. Then when the interview was over she said, "Call me if you need anything else." I mean, that's just cool because no one says that. Most people are too busy and would probably be thinking, OK, I can't believe I just talked to you for 25 minutes. I have so much to do today. She was great.

Oh yeah, I promised I would write about TOMS shoes and why I love Fridays. My TOMS should show up today. Not here yet, but UPS usually comes by late in the day. And I love Friday because it precedes Saturday. I think that's all I need to say about that.


  1. 34 pepper plants? What are you going to do with all those peppers? You can keep all of Nashville supplied with peppers. You'll be surprised how much ONE pepper plant can produce! You'll need to give them away and learn how to freeze them!

  2. haha, well you know, I figured some of them would die before they produced anything. :) I need a good strategy for getting to know my neighbors, and I think free food will be a good one!

  3. We were going to plant some peppers so we can make homemade salsa, maybe we can mooch some of yours once you have peppers out the wazoo. Or...you could plant tomatoes and MAKE homemade salsa for your neighbors. That would be good.

  4. what are those things that you planted the seeds in. I need some of those.

  5. Jiffy Greenhouse. (It has a plastic cover you use until the seeds sprout.) I picked it up at Walmart for $2 or $3.


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