This is Miles. Formerly known as A063470. Also known as "Why I Don't Sleep Well." 
He can't do this quietly:

I have a love/hate relationship with Miles. Well, it might more accurately be described as a love/oh-my-word-you-are-so-cute-but-do-you-really-need-to-keep-me-up-at-all-hours-of-the-night? relationship. He likes to eat yogurt—just shoves his entire head in the cup, so afterward he looks quite hilarious:

I adopted Miles in January when he was four months old. The Metro Animal Control people told me he was a little feisty. I told them I could handle it. Really, I hoped I could handle it. I really wanted a boy cat and the other kittens were girls, except for one other boy who only had half of a tail, and even though I felt sorry for it, I really wanted a whole cat. Nashville's Metro Animal Control is a great place for adopting pets. Miles was $60 and that included a same-day neutering. There's this place on Nolensville called Value Vet. I took him there for a check up and it was very inexpensive.

A typical 5:30 a.m. I've been up for 30 minutes, but Miles has been up for 2.5 hours. He proceeds to rip holes in the shower curtain while I get ready for work. When I get home from work, he melts into a black puddle on my lap and purrs like it's his only purpose in life. Adorable.


  1. your cat is adorable. Enjoyed browsing your site!

  2. Very cute - I've been harassed by my next door neighbors cat Harry. Cats will do anything for you - as long as it is what they were already doing.

  3. Hi, I stumbled across your blog while exploring. Miles is obnoxiously cute! I also liked the printer revolt blog. I fought my printer at work for 2 weeks before I finally fixed it, I still have no idea what I did right.

  4. Oh my, your cat has the same name as mine and looks exactly the same.
    Very adorable.

  5. Miles is adorable... So small! I, also, adopted a cat, who at the time was 4. He's all black; the name is Jack. He's huge!
    Your description of Miles reminded me of Jack and his roots... So I thought I would drop in and say hello, and cute kitty :-)

  6. Enjoy reading your blogs. I have posted a few but cant quite figure out how to get them out there where people will read them. Any suggestions? I live in TN also. About 1 1/2 hours south of Nashville. I love coming to Nashville and shopping and going to Joe's Crab Shack.
    Miles is adorable. I have 3 boxer dogs and a little mixed breed dog. Its a circus around here but wouldnt have it any other way.
    If you can give me any hints on successful blogging I would greatly appreciate it.
    Keep your blogs coming. I look forward to them.
    And scratch Miles under the chin for me.


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