home improvement.

Install two ceiling fans
Change air filters
Install padlock on shed
Empty ShopVac
Install bike hooks
Spray for wasps
Recaulk side entry steps
Caulk side entry threshold
Mortar fill cracks on porches
Recaulk at roof wall
Caulk/seal crawlspace door trim
Seal protrusion nails on roof
Secure gutters
Bury downspout extensions
Fit smaller screen over gable vents in attic
Repair hole in roof (squirrel entry into attic)
Paint exterior fuel lines to prevent rusting
Caulk/seal fuel lines at block
Lock panel cover
Fluff up settled insulation in attic
Repair hallway closet door (sticking)
Hang bulletin board
Fix side entry screen door (won't close)
Troubleshoot floodlights
Clean up attic

Dad flew in yesterday morning to help me do a few things around the house. We headed to Lowe's to pick up supplies (I had a coupon); while we were gone my neighbor mowed my front and backyard. Pretty great. I'm going to have to make him some cookies or something.

Friday we went out to the shed. After talking to my neighbor, turns out the guy who lived here raised chickens for fighting. Not for laying eggs. Crazy. But there are fluorescent lights out there and no energy source. So we did it the true Tennessean way and ran a long extension cord out a window. (There are no outlets on the outside of my house. Sad because that means I can't put up Christmas lights.)

Washing the car. Not planned, but we had the hose out so decided to get it done.

Caulking. There were a lot of things on my home inspection report that 
were recommended fixes; this was one of them. Really not as easy as it looks!

I knew I had heard something in my attic one morning when I was still in bed! Dad noticed you could see daylight from the attic. Looked like a squirrel (or something) had chewed through a 2x4 and built a nest. We (by we I mean Dad) screened it off so it can't get back in. We didn't put in new insulation (actually when we were at Lowe's we forgot to buy some), but Dad fluffed up what was there because it had just settled. I think I'm a competent-enough homeowner to add more insulation when needed.

I think I have a pretty cool attic. There are boards down the middle that run the length of the house. It was really dirty/scary up there but Dad fixed some sketchy old wiring and I cleaned up a bunch of trash and swept up a thousand pounds of dirt and dust. Lots of storage space and not a lot to store. I'm okay with that. I put smaller screen over the gable vents at both ends of the attic. It was my first experience using a staple gun. I'm pretty much a natural.
Ceiling fan in home office/gym/2nd bedroom
Basically everything on my list has been finished. I think my favorite improvement is the ceiling fans. It's still early but we're calling it a night.

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  1. You must feel like a full-fledged homeowner now!
    It must be nice to have those things done and not have to worry about things that go "bump" in the night...



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