pray big & get married.

Yesterday my friend Clarissa called me. She lives in Nebraska, but I met her in Jacksonville, Florida, when we were both at the Navigator's Summer Training Program (STP). She wasn't on my team, but her team lived below mine and her team kept showing up everywhere my team was … and well, we've been friends ever since.

I like Clarissa because the gospel brings her to tears. And because she believes that God is big enough for her to pray for big/impossible things. And she tells me I can pray for big things too. It's pathetic how we go to God and say, "God, do you think you could maybe help me fix this relationship? Or I mean, maybe just cross our paths so we say hello. But, I mean, if You don't want to, that's OK."

You want something but don't get it. … You do not have, because you do not ask God. James 4:2

So I'm deciding to pray for big things. Because God is big. (And don't jump to any conclusions about the title of this post; I'm not praying for marriage ... yet.)

But I do have friends who are getting married! In fact, in the last two mail days, I've received three wedding invitations.
  • Rob and Melissa - Virginia, May 30
  • Jenn and Evan - Kansas City, June 5
  • Anne and Sam - Lawrence, June 5
Jenn and Anne both went to STP together a couple of years before I went. So I was thinking, "Well, if one is in the morning and the other in the evening ... Lawrence is only an hour from KC and I could make it to both! But Anne's wedding is at 5 p.m. and Jenn's is at 6. I'm not sure I can persuade Anne to move hers to 2 p.m., so I'm regretfully declining. :( Undecided about Virginia.

And please always always always wear your seat belt. This is more important to me than giving blood, and I am a big supporter of donating blood. (Which is probably really needed by people who don't wear seat belts.) 63% of people killed in car accidents are not wearing their seat belts.

In the Bible, God actually tells people, "Hey, when you build your house, but a rail around the roof so no one falls off of it and dies." If there had been cars in Bible times, God probably would have said, "Wear your seat belt so you don't get hurt. And make your friends wear their seat belts."


  1. How true, love the seat belt stuff!

  2. Thanks for a nice and faith inspiring message! Greetings from Denmark (Europe) :)


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