My mornings are pretty low-key. I wake up at 5, get ready for work, and eat breakfast. I feed Miles and pack my lunch. But this morning had a little more excitement than usual. Miles managed to get on top of a 7' bookshelf (how he did so is beyond me), where I was keeping my pepper plants out of his reach. He destroyed about half of them, breaking off leaves and scattering dirt everywhere. (Good thing I started with 36 plants!) So my morning also included getting out the broom and vacuum to clean up the mess.

Dr. Rainer and me, September 2009
I'm now a few minutes behind on my routine. I put my lunch into a plastic container and set it on the counter while I gather my things (cell phone, reading glasses, ID badge, car keys). I drop more food in Miles' bowl for the day and head out the door.

I was getting off the elevator at 7 DCT when I realized I forgot to grab my lunch. I'm a little bummed about my forgetfulness, so I tweet about it and move on.

We had chapel this morning. I think it's so great that we can gather and start our day with praise, singing songs like "In Christ Alone." Dr. Rainer spoke at chapel. He gave a report on how things are going and talked about being content with what we do not have, and with what we do have. He mentioned there are 18 open positions, and for those positions there are about 27,600 active applications. Only 0.0652% of those applicants will be hired for the positions. I am so thankful for my job.

When chapel was over I headed back to my office. Then I get this phone call. "Alyssa? Do you have 5 minutes? Dr. Rainer would like to discuss something with you."


I know in elementary school getting called to the principal's office is like the scariest thing that can happen to a kid. But I'm not in elementary school, and this is Dr. Rainer. We're BFFs, right? Surely I have nothing to be afraid of. As I'm walking to the executive offices, I'm going over everything in my head, trying to think if there's anything I might have done wrong. Not going to lie, I'm pretty nervous at this point.

After navigating a maze to the president's office, I find Dr. Rainer waiting for me. He tells me he saw on Twitter that I forgot my lunch, and there's no way he can speak at chapel about meeting needs and then let me go through the day without lunch. So he gives me a lunch coupon for the cafe so I can get a free lunch. How cool is that?

And of course when I went to lunch, he happened to be there. "Alyssa!" he shouts across the cafe (He says he likes to embarrass introverts, and is a self-proclaimed introvert himself). Definitely made my day. I'm thankful to have a president who really practices what he preaches! :)

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