This weekend I went to Philly to visit my friend/college roommate. She's been living in Philly for two years now, and I've never been to Philly -- or Pennsylvania for that matter -- so I decided to go visit. I flew out of Nashville on Southwest ... the funniest guys in the sky! The flight attendants were hilarious. They began explaining the safety instructions about using your seat as a flotation device: "In the event that Southwest Airlines becomes Southwest Cruise lines ... " 

And then, my personal favorite: "We would like to remind you there is no smoking in the bathroom. If we catch you being naughty in the potty, there is a $2000 fine. And if you wanted to pay that much to fly to Philadelphia, you would have flown American."

Jess left her car in KS, so we took the El. It was my first time on a subway.
We got touristy and saw the Liberty Bell.

Constitution Hall. We went on a tour in the afternoon.
I can't remember who this guy is ... I think he started the Navy or something.
The weather was beautiful. I love how many parks Philly has.
We walked downtown toward Love Park. Cool architecture.
Another statue.

Love! This was a lot smaller than I imagined!

Fountain in Love Park

Reading Terminal - This cool indoor marketplace with tons and tons of stores and people.
Saturday afternoon we walked down to South Street for lunch. We had falafels, which taste a lot better than they look. Then we stopped and got some frozen yogurt and made our way back to the El. When we got home, I was so tired. I climbed into bed for a nap around 3 pm. and before I knew it, it was 10 a.m. this morning. Jess and I biked through some rainy/cold weather to a brunch place. We stopped by Circle Thrift where she works, then went home and watched the latest episode of Glee.

By then it was about time to get me to the airport. We walked to her friend's house to borrow a car and Jess drove me to the airport. My flight out of Philly was delayed an hour, so I didn't get home until 8 p.m. Philly was cool, and it was great to see my friend, but I don't think it lands on my top 10 places I'd want to live.


  1. The statue of the guy you didn't know is Commodore John Barry who defeated the British in the last naval battle of the American Revolutionary War in 1783. Don't be impressed. I googled it.:)

  2. Ian and I lived in Philly for 8 months on his internship, so it's fun to look at all your photos! I worked at Reading Terminal Market at Chocolate by Mueller, loved the guys at Harry Och's (in the background), and shopped at that produce place in the photo. Ian worked right next to Independence Hall and we lived at the end of the Parkway near the museum, so we saw all those fountains, City Hall... on an almost daily basis. The one touristy thing you missed is the cheesesteaks, and if you ever go back, you need to try one with Whiz. Sounds gross, but it's the best. :) I was skeptical then I tried it.) We liked Geno's better than Pat's, purely for the flavor. Glad you enjoyed it - we wouldn't say we're just dying to live there again, but it's definitely a fun city and a great place to spend some time in!

  3. I've never been to Philly, but it's definitely on my list of places to visit.

  4. Cool blog and I love your header. Congrats on being BLOG OF NOTE today!!

  5. I like your blog. It has nice concept. And what's that with Phily -does everyone has a friend there :)
    p.s. I was looking to among your pics "The stairs" from Rocky LOL

    keep up the good work!

  6. great pictures! I've never been to philly! Someday I hope too. Found your blog on "Blogs of Note" I'm going to add you to my reader!

  7. very nice..it was interesting to "visit" the places you write about


  8. Congratulations for being a BON! I has been years since I was in Philly, and your wonderful photos are a great reminder that it's a place I want to see again.

  9. i am going ahead to earn money and then i can took a travel with someone


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