I mowed my front yard this afternoon. My neighbor asked if I wanted him to mow my backyard with his riding mower. I told him he could have at it, if he wanted. I'll leave the back gate unlocked. Then another neighbor came by and offered to mow. I'm going to let them duke it out. It's amazing what guys will do for you if you smile and wink at them.

Totally kidding; I didn't wink at them. They are both old enough to be my dad. But I won't turn down a free yard mowing. The backyard is kind of a nightmare for me anyway because there are a lot of weeds (I've dumped two containers of weed killer out there to no avail) and the trees above drop sticks which are no bueno when you're using a reel mower.

10-day forecast is sunny and upper 70s every day. I have the windows open and it's still just 66 inside. But the air smells great, and I think it's time for a nap.


  1. That's interesting cause I have this red-headed young man who lives at my house. I smile and wink but to no avail! I mow the yard. You've got it pretty good!

  2. You mowed once and that was just so you could work on your tan. I was planting trees at the time. Not that I didn't appreciate it...just saying.


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