Geoff cheezin' it up with the bees
You'd think we'd be pretty similar being triplets and all, but this is definitely something I would never do!

As soon as I got home from work, I mowed the yard. Kevin hadn't done the backyard and it was getting tall so I got my reel mower out and knocked it out in about an hour. I'm not going to lie; using a reel mower is tough. It's "fun" for about the first 20 minutes and then you just can't wait to be done. And it's a workout. But I think it builds character.

Ten minutes after I came inside, it started pouring rain. This has officially been the wettest month in Nashville history and we are only halfway through it. More rain is predicted over the next week. For dinner I made lasagna, but instead of lasagna noodles, I used mini bow ties. It tasted great! I'm calling it "Tuxedo Lasagna." It filled a 9x11 pan, so I'll be eating lasagna the rest of the week.

Table for one,


  1. We've had a lot of rain here in S.E. Indiana too. btw...no way would I want to mess with bees.

  2. I've always wanted to tour a bee farm. They don't scare me near as much as hornets and wasps and yellow jackets, and other nasty mean stinging things!

  3. I'm not sure I'd like to be anywhere near that many bees - but I would like to know what honey tastes like fresh from the comb!

    Love the tuxedo lasagna idea! Bowtie & Penne are my favorite noodles. : )


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