Did you really expect no one would write a song about this? We're in Nashville!
Here's a very accurate description of things around here by Seth Jones.

Well here's the situation in Nashville, Tennessee.
What once was country livin' is now beachfront property.
We went to bed one night and when we woke up in the morn'
Tennessee's not landlocked anymore.
Naomi Judd's buffalo was runnin' around town.
Franklin has a curfew: it starts at sundown.
The old timers say they've never seen it like this before
Tennessee's not landlocked anymore.
Yeah, the naked statues all went skinny dippin'
And we all sat on our front porch and did some fishin'.
We watched that house float on down Interstate 24
And realized Tennessee's not landlocked anymore.
If Noah built his ark on lower Broad last week
We probably would have laughed at him and said he was a freak.
But today's a different story; we'd be knockin' on his door!
'Cause Tennessee's not landlocked anymore.
And to be completely honest, we're all a little frightened.
It's a good thing that our football team is named the Titans.
'Cause I'm lookin' out my window: waves crashin' on the shore.
Yeah, Tennessee's not landlocked anymore.
Tennessee's not landlocked anymore.
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  1. That's a good song. Good tune. Definitely reflects what's happening in TN right now. Hope you're safe and the flood settles way down, as in evaporates, soon.

  2. Erica and I saw a rainbow yesterday afternoon. Just a reminder that it will end at some point.

  3. Love your blog. Check mine out and leave me some input about what you think.


    Thanks :)
    -The Candid Blogger


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