being forward.

Kevin had his son and another guy move my trees this afternoon. Kevin's son is in middle school and the other guy is 20. Now I'll have to get something to put in the front; this other guy (who shall remain nameless) suggested I put up a couple of trellises and plant some roses. I think that would be nice.

We got to talking and he asked me what I did, if I was "real religious" (I love Jesus, if that's what you mean), what I was growing in my garden, where I was from, if I liked to run or play basketball, if I rented or owned my house, how much it cost me, and if I have a boyfriend. After about 10 minutes I told him I had things I needed to get done and started to head in. Then he said, "I don't mean to be forward, but I think we should hang out."

Well, that was forward. He gave me his phone number. I suppose I should be flattered that in just 10 minutes he can decide he likes me. He's a nice guy;. I'm sure I'll see him around the neighborhood every now and then, but (to the disappointment of some, including my grandma who has before offered to "show me how it's done") he's not my type.

On the flood:
I noticed Nashville Cat Rescue is looking for foster homes for cats. In the wake of the flood, lots of cats were abandoned or taken to the shelter with kittens. This sounds amazing and I'll consider it, but for now I'm helping out through Kairos. Kairos is linking people up with Youth Encouragement Services. Tomorrow I'm going to go check it out and help serve some dinner. It's really cool to see how Nashvillians are coming together. I guess they don't call Tennessee the Volunteer State for nothing.

We're still short on water ... they are handing out cases of bottled water in some locations. People aren't doing enough to conserve. As I left for work this morning, I noticed a church on Nolensville Pike had its sprinklers on in the yard. Seriously? Metro has provided an e-mail address for notifying them of non-essential water use, so hopefully they will tell them to turn it off.

I'm flattered, but we're not dating.


  1. you think he may not be your type, but give it a try... You never know! Besides - free dinner! ;-)

  2. Hi. I'm kinda new to blogging but I came across yours and started reading (hope you don't mind). I think it's awesome that you're volunteering with Kairos! My boyfriend volunteers with them here quite often. They're a great group!

    Anyway... happy blogging.

  3. I love the blog and now read it daily! I'm a fellow blogger and Christian in Nashville.

    Oh yeah, you should go out with the guy - just once - he may be the right person for you. :-)

  4. Thanks! :) And no way, he doesn't meet my top three (very important) criteria.

  5. If "able to move trees" was #1 on your list then he sounds like the perfect match. Then again, probably should look for the guy who is "able to move mountains."


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