Miles ate a mouse. I think he's having some sort of allergic reaction!*

*OK, so that claim is not entirely accurate. 
Miles isn't allowed outside and I don't have any mice in my house. :)

Jennifer is on her way from Florida and should arrive this evening. There is a batch of thunderstorms moving through Middle Tennessee. It hasn't hit Davidson County yet, but the radar shows it's getting close. I spent the morning cleaning, doing laundry and dishes, and pulling weeds. 

It's hard to believe we're already halfway through the month of May. I arrived in Nashville on May 29, 2009, so I'm coming up on one year here. It's hard to believe how much has changed, as my first day here was a little rough. Life in Nashville is great and I must say spring/summer in Nashville is waaaay better than winter. Our winters here are very mild (compared to Kansas ... people here just get irrational int he winter) but they are still dark and cold and not green. When I came here last year, my first reaction was, "There are so many trees!" (Not so much in Kansas.) Everything just explodes in a lush green and it's beautiful.

I like it here,

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