I came home from work to find my front yard mowed and Kevin working on the backyard. Awesome. I went out and pulled weeds and planted a few more zucchini plants. When they start producing veggies, Kevin is getting plenty of it and zucchini bread. I picked my first strawberry today! It was little but it tasted great! I can't wait until I can go out and pick dozens at a time.

Today went by so fast at work. I'm not sure why. I had trouble focusing so over my lunch break I rearranged my office. A little change of scenery always helps. Though several people walked by then were reversing to do a double-take. Change kind of throws people off in CMP. One day I parked my car in a different spot than normal and people noticed and were asking why.

The river is still up pretty high, but it is receding. Lots of downtown business are still without power. I went by Kroger on my way home to get milk and a couple people were there with carts full of bottled water. They were saying that someone told them the water was going to be shut off for 4 days. With only one of our two water treatment plants functioning, the mayor is asking everyone to conserve water. No laundry or washing dishes. No watering your lawns. Take quick showers. They just announced on the news that the city is not shutting off the water; it's just a rumor.

That's certainly one thing that has been common the last few days. Rumors have been going around like wildfire but the media has been quick to set them straight. The conservation water order is mandatory and police were going around cracking down on car washes that were still open and people were out there washing their cars!

Today was the first time I've been out of my house in three days and it's interesting because it seems like there is a new vibe among Nashvillians. Having made it through this flood, we suddenly all have something in common. Nashville is the Friendliest City in America and that nature is showing. There has been minimal looting (17 reports, 2 arrests made … Police are blocking off neighborhoods so people don't go in and take stuff drying out in people's yards), no word of price gouging ... just neighbors helping neighbors and strangers helping strangers. With the exception of geographical location, the flood showed no discrimination. Clean-up will be a long process but people are stepping in and helping in any way they can.

Some people here are expressing disappointment over the lack of national media coverage. The Nashville flood hit during the Gulf oil spill and a failed terror plot. The coverage is delayed. Obviously we're not saying, "Look at me! Look at me!" but media coverage is important because we need help. President Obama has just declared the area a disaster area, which will open up some federal help, but we still need donations. People out in Bellevue and in the Opryland area say they have lots of help but what they really need is porta potties. Nashville and the surrounding areas still need cash donations. You can make a donation here: Nashville Red Cross. If you are in the Nashville area, sign up to volunteer at Hands On Nashville.

We're still here.


  1. Who in Nashville is watering their lawn? Geesh

  2. true, true. I think some people's systems come on automatically so they are telling people to turn them off.

  3. I saw a church on Nolensville Pike running its sprinklers at 6 a.m. as I was driving to work today. If I could find a phone number, I'd call them up and tell them to knock it off!


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