day 3.

The sun is out in full force this morning and we're looking to see temperatures in the 80s today. The news is covering the scenes this morning. Opryland Hotel has 6 feet of water in it. Business off the Cumberland on 1st Avenue downtown have water in the basements 6-7 feet deep. Right now WSMV has a live shot of a a house consumed by flames in the Opryland area in northeast Nashville.

View slideshow of downtown Nashville flooding pictures: @Flickr
View coverage from Nashville's newspaper, The Tennessean

Water has receded significantly in my neighborhood and people are trying to dry out. The news has been doing an incredible job keeping people informed; I am so impressed with Channel 4 WSMV. They've been covering the flood non-stop. Channel 5 has been covering this too but this morning they are back to regular programming.

50 miles of I-40 west of town is shut down. A lot of people who were stuck in their cars spent the night on the interstate. Tons of roads still closed. Schools all closed today. The major is urging people to stay away from downtown if at all possible. He is also asking Metro residents to conserve water. One of the two water treatment plants is underwater and obviously not functioning. The mayor of Clarksville has asked all non-essential employees to go home.

Joe's Crab Shack on 2nd Avenue, Downtown Nashville
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Looking up 2nd Ave. toward Broadway (via @president raygun)
 1st Avenue North & Broadway
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 Joe's Crab Shack, 2nd Ave
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WKRN: Cumberland River to crest this afternoon at 51.5 ft downtown. 
It is 50.7 now. Flood stage is 40 ft.

So many people have lost everything. Most don't have flood insurance.
Here's how you can help:

Need shelter or want to volunteer at a shelter? Call 615-862-8574

Make a donation to the American Red Cross

Volunteer with Hands On Nashville flood repsonse

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  1. Thats horrible. I helped a friend drain all the water out of their basement. My recommendation, get flood insurance.


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