Margaret was the first neighbor I met when I moved in. She would be out in the street walking her dog and would stop and talk to me when I was working in the yard. Today she came knocking on my kitchen door and brought me some fresh roses from her yard.

Margaret has stark white hair and the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen. She's at least a foot shorter than me and at least in her 80s, maybe 90s, but even at her age she surprises me by mowing her own yard. I asked her if she had any damage in the flood (water covered her yard and hung out around her front steps). She said there was a shed in the backyard that flooded. They lost everything in it, including the lawnmower. She said someone from FEMA is going to come by and inspect it to see if they can get any federal help to replace the stuff.

Great neighbors are all over Nashville. Volunteers throughout the city are getting connected through Hands On Nashville.
Photo by Nate Johnson.

Photo by Nate Johnson.

Photo by Nate Johnson.
Photo by Bryan Bloebaum

we are nashville.

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  1. That's good that there's such communal support. I'm sure that will help a lot. Hope things are getting better for y'all.


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