What a day. I started out the morning trying to conquer Google Docs and Google Sites. I thought I had a great vision for this project but by the time 3 p.m. rolled around, it was not working as planned. We might have to ditch the site or work with our admin. to tweak our sharing settings. I had to end the week feeling a little defeated.

We got the second of the two Super Duper books today. I was excited to see it, but I didn't have that book in my hands 10 seconds before I noticed an error. A small error, but when you work so hard on a project like that, when you stare at those pages for days and days at a time, scanning for any character out of place ... the reality of my humanness and imperfection leaves me with nothing to say but "D'oh!" And hope our first set of books sells really well so they'll have to print more and we can fix it.

At the end of the day Tim said he had a great opportunity for me. I get to be on the fire brigade! Oh yeah, that's right. We might only have a fire drill once or twice a year, but I'll be sporting a fluorescent vest and busting down bathroom doors to make sure no one is hiding to avoid having to walk down and then back up seven flights of stairs. (I mean I'll be inspecting the floor to ensure the safety of my coworkers so that if there is ever a real fire, I will be prepared to take action.) It's kind of like Dwight being a volunteer deputy -- I get to look all official, but I really have no authority whatsoever.

Even though the flood has been horrible, it's really cool to see people coming together to help their neighbors. Every time the news interviews someone who has literally lost everything, of course they are sad about what happened, but they always say, "But I'm gonna be okay," or "This is just stuff. I'm still alive." The telefund last night brought in $1.6M for flood relief. About 85% of the damages have been surveyed, and the report is that there is $1.5 billion in damages. Incredible. I signed up for a couple volunteer projects this weekend. You can too at Hands On Nashville.

If you're interested in helping with relief and having something to show for it, check out these T-shirts. 1) We Are Nashville, and 2) I <3 Nashville / H2010

Can I have a do-over?

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  1. One of the realities of working in publishing - there's always something that can be changed/fixed. I always wonder why those little errors jump out in the printed piece when I obviously didn't see it in the pre-print stage.


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