Map from TDOT. The streets marked with blue are flooded:
nashville flooding flood pictures Tennessee interstates clean up road closures rescue flood flooding flood
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Most (if not all) schools are closed tomorrow.
43,000 without power in Davidson County. 21,000 in Shelby County.
8+ confirmed deaths. 2 confirmed tornado touchdowns.
Scenes from Bellevue show water levels up to the bottom of stoplights. Very, very high water.

 Here's a photo of I-40 (via @lorijobelle)

The Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen is giving a press conference right now. The TN National Guard is going to be coming in to help with rescues. The governor said the roads are in terrible shape: more than 150 road closures. And it won't be over when the water recedes. Roads will need to be checked for safety. Some have failed beneath the water and several bridges are out of service. The governor expects it will take several days before people will be able to freely move around like normal.

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) has received 12.5" of rain so far from this storm. All Southwest Airlines flights out of Nashville have been canceled. Rain is still falling considerably here in South Nashville. The front is moving through quicker than expected so they are now saying the rain might stop by 8 p.m. tonight, which is great.

Remember that scene from I-24 yesterday as the temporary classroom floated down before breaking into pieces? The water has receded today:

Photo from tennessean.com
If you're planning on buying a used car soon, be sure to get a CARFAX® report! (har har har)

The Goo Goo Dolls announced that their concert at the Ryman will be postponed until tomorrow evening. So there's a chance I can still go (if we are given the clear to go downtown tomorrow).

4:45 p.m. - The rain is slowing up and we've seen a peak of sunshine. Time to send out the dove. Clean up will be a long process but Nashville is expecting a sunny week for drying out. They said on the news that we've set the record for wettest May -- and we're only two days in!
nashville flood TDOT map streets interstates impassable

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