I haven't gotten anything done this weekend because I've been glued to the TV the entire time. The video and photos are unbelievable. A brick home was lifted off its foundation by the water and is now sitting in the middle of a road. The news helicopters are up in the sky and the landscape is unrecognizable.

8:00 p.m. - Latest word is that the Gaylord-Opryland hotel is evacuating 1500 guests. Crews are urging neighbors to evacuate.

People in Nashville are "street fishing."
This giant carp was caught at Blackman Rd at Edmonson Pike:
Photo via @thomasmckenzie

You can't stop music in Music City
Photo via @prodigaljohn

Unfathomable. Scene from Bellevue:
Photo via @mikeseverson
The City of Franklin has also declared a state of emergency and has established a 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. curfew. They are also telling people to keep their kids from playing in the flood water. It's dirty and the current is powerful. The news is reporting that in some areas, water won't crest until tomorrow night.

Someone has posted an ad on Craigslist for spaces on his ark: Jake's Ark.

Many fatalities. An elderly couple tried to drive to safety against the advice of neighbors and drowned. In Bellevue there are estimates of 20-35 people still trapped in their houses. Animals missing. 50-60 Girl Scouts are stuck at a camp with no way to get out.

Again, lots of roads closed. Lots of people who tried driving on an interstate today are likely sitting in place -- some for hours. There are too many to turn them all around and they can't move forward with water on the road. City officials are strongly encouraging people to stay home. I've heard that Nolensville is closed up by the state fairgrounds (my non-interstate route to downtown) and no way would I jump on an interstate and risk being in my car for hours ... or having to abandon my car to the water.

LifeWay will be open tomorrow, but Dr. Rainer is urging employees not to take any chances to come in if there is any risk. The newscasters just said:  "If you have the sort of occupation that you can stay home [you're not a cop/firefighter/doctor] then you should stay home."

Riverfront Park in downtown Nashville is at about 49 feet. Stairs at the park are submerged and all you can see of the flags is the tops of the flagpoles.

The sun is preparing to go down and teams are scrambling to rescue people and make sure people are accounted for. No one really knows what the next few days will hold, especially for those who have lost everything.
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  1. The fatality with elderly couple is awful. How did this flood get started? I've been so out of the loop. I didn't even know this was going on until I ran across your blog. I hope it gets better real soon.


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