how to kill your editor.

  1. Don't use the templates. Make your editor style everything manually.
  2. Write in first person plural. Or rewrite Bible stories in the present tense.
  3. Put two spaces between sentences.
  4. Don't provide sources for quoted material or facts.
  5. Misquote Scripture.
  6. Write way over or way under the word count.
  7. Leave out chunks of the assignment.
  8. Turn your assignment in late.
  9. Write a piece unrelated to the Scripture.
  10. Don't provide keywords.
  11. Don't put commas between keywords.
  12. Save your file as a .doc instead of a .docx.
  13. Never e-mail questions to your editor. Just guess and hope you're right.
  14. Talk about a public figure whose reputation is less than admirable.
  15. Make your pronouns disagree. (Each boy [singular] should ride their [plural] bike.)
  16. Assign an X-fact and blurb to the same day. Make them too specific so they can't be used just anywhere.
  17. Put quotation marks around titles and all Scripture verses.
  18. Use lots of unnecessary words.
  19. Make blatant grammatical and/or spelling errors.
  20. Be irrelevant.

C'mon, I'm only 22. I think I deserve at least 60 more years. :)
I know you've got it in you,


  1. I'm not sure about the .doc versus .docx (and I know you aren't referring to me, because I don't write for Jeff), but we were told to save as .doc and not .docx. Is this different now, because I change everything back to .doc?

  2. At least with our stuff, our templates don't stick unless it's saved as a .docx. I'm not sure about other ages.

  3. I go through the same thing as a news editor. Just call it job security. :)


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