Katy and Jane
This photo is from yesterday. Katy and Jane came to work wearing matching shirts. When you start hanging around the same people long enough, things like this just happen.

This morning Miles woke me up real early, but I locked him out of my room and went back to bed. When I finally got up, he kept attacking my legs. If Miles' love language is making me bleed, he must really love me. Oh, and he barfed on the doormat in the kitchen, so I had to drizzle some detergent on it and I clipped it to the fence and hosed it down. Gross. But he made up for it this afternoon by taking a long nap and looking extra cute.

My water bill came today. It was for the exact same amount I owed in March and April! Three months in a row ... this whole being-an-adult thing is still pretty new to me, and it's the little things that are amusing. But now that there are two people living here, I'm sure we are using a lot more water.

I meant to meet up with Andrea today but due to some failure in communication it didn't work out. I'm going to be in Kansas City in two weeks for Evan and Jenn's wedding! It's coming up quickly then I can't wait because after I come back from that, Anne and Sam will be moving here.

Party in Nashville!


  1. Maybe Nashville has a minimum water charge and you just haven't exceeded it.

  2. Aw, man! I thought I was just awesome at using the exact same amount! But I conserved all that water at the beginning of the month; I was expecting a lower bill! :)


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