Local news coverage (WKRN) on the situation in Opryland hotel/Opry Mills mall. Listen between 1:12-1:32 on the video. These waters are dangerous!

The tanks in the Aquarium Restaurant in Opry Mills mall were home more than 100 species of fish, most of which died because they are saltwater fish and cannot survive in the flood water.
Two flesh-eating pirahnas, however, are suitable for freshwater and they are reported to have escaped and are swimming the halls of the mall.

UPDATE: The Tennessean
has announced that the escape pirahna report is not true.

The Boston Globe has a great collection of photos from the Nashville flood: The Big Picture.

The Barnes & Noble flood aftermath from Opry Mills:

Anderson Cooper just announced that he will be coming to Nashville tomorrow to cover the flood emergency.
Don't believe everything you hear.

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  1. Yikes! Always wear your hip boots!

  2. i'm really enjoying your posts. good use of links & excellent writing style! i gave you a shoutout on my blog, so hopefully my reader(s?) will check you out! : )

    also...anderson cooper. i know it's a disaster, and i am really praying for nashville as a whole! but... anderson cooper! YUM.

  3. Maybe I'll come to Nashville. I like Anderson Cooper. Who Doesnt!? :c)


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