Six of us went to lunch at Penn Station. I think I've eaten at this place more often than any other place in Nashville. (I really don't go out much.) Last time we went I got a chicken teriyaki sub and really liked it, so I got it again. I think it's the sautéed onions … gets me every time.

I was stressing out kind of a lot today because all my plans for staying in KC in June fell through. I seem to always learn more about myself in difficult situations, and today I learned that I would rather ____________ (insert something awful here) than be an inconvenience to someone. Something will work out.

I was excited about getting my new computer today, but FedEx tried to deliver it to my house while I was at work. I talked with customer service and asked them to hold it at their facility so I can just pick it up tomorrow at my convenience.

Plugging away through the month of May. I'm looking forward to June/July: kayaking, summer interns, Las Paletas, baseball games, 5 a.m. sunrises, and possibly a brief getaway. I feel like 2010 is racing by. Maybe because 2009 was the year of major life changes and this year I'm trying to catch my breath. Whew. I think a nap sounds pretty good right about now. I haven't been sleeping well because Miles is so stinkin' loud. I'm starting to think he does this on purpose. I've got some swollen lymph nodes near my ears and they hurt! Hopefully I'm not getting sick.

I've been writing a lot. Today at lunch Bill said, "She won't tell you anything, but she'll write it down." True that. I like talking to people, but there's no pressure in writing. No awkward pauses, and you get a do-over. It's called backspace. Sometimes I want to process things before I say it. And after I die or if I ever get brave enough to make my journals public, I think some people might find my words interesting. Maybe. :) 

my story's in ink,

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  1. I always get the chicken teriyaki when I go to Penn Station. It's my fav!


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