I can recognize who is walking past my office by the sounds of their footsteps. When I hear someone coming, I make a quick guess and look up from my desk. If I'm right, I win. I'm usually right.

This morning at chapel, Dr. Henry Blackaby came and spoke in celebration of 20 years of his book Experiencing God. I haven't read the book myself, but he talked about the impact it has had on people. It's been translated to other languages, reformatted for distribution in the military, adapted to become a daily devotional, and more. It was really cool to hear his story and how God has been touching so many lives through this resource. It now has a place on my reading list.

My writing project is starting to feel a little overwhelming. I'm currently at 367 pages and I'm still a long way out. I think my publishing maximum is 800 pages, so I could really do 1,600 because I'm printing front and back. And I've decided to go with hardcover so it will last longer. I think it will be close on my page count. I can always shrink my font size or margins or opt for a bigger page size. I'm planning on US Trade, which is 6"x9". I like that size because it's easy to hold and carry.

I will most likely end this project with carpal tunnel and/or arthritis. I wish I could distribute the work and have a team of people typing this stuff up (95% of the content already exists, just not digitally). But 1) I don't have money to hire people; 2) I would worry too much about accuracy/typos; 3) These words are not for just anybody.

I'm leaving for Kansas in nine days! I'm real excited. I like to travel, but airports just make me nervous. Everyone is in such a hurry! I'm flying Southwest, which is my favorite airline because they are so affordable and bags fly FREE. What's not to love about that? I'm trying to figure out if I'll go back to Kansas over July 4 weekend. Except I'm thinking it would just be better if my family came here because I lived in Kansas 21.5 years. Nashville is new and exciting, and I hear they have a great fireworks show.

Keep it real,


  1. I wish I could be of some use there. I can type at speed of 80+ wpm and try maximum to avoid any typos.
    But I guess you need people over there, as the matter is to be converted from hard copy to soft copy, right?
    Anyways, All the Best! :)

  2. Keep it up! It sounds like you're really making headway. A book I really enjoyed reading was The Sacred Journey by Charles Foster. It was hard to follow for me at times, but it was still a great reading experience.


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